Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Roberto's Backyard

Hey guys,

Yesterday, after witnessing in Ojo, Roberto took Simon & I back to his house to show us something interesting. He's currently living in a little house right next to the Kingdom Hall. It's not the cleanest place, but he's really enjoying it, and we got to see one reason why.
Roberto's house is surrounded by a wide variety of fruit-bearing trees! I guess I've never really taken note of the different trees around the Kingdom Hall. Pictured above is a huge mango tree right in his backyard. We are currently right in the peak of mango season, and I had been saying out in service that I really wanted to get some good mangos. That was when Roberto told us to come try the mangos from his place. I had no idea that he had a tree right in his yard! We went to his house and found a lot of ripe mangos that had fallen fresh from the tree. We each took turns throwing a huge stick at the tree to get some more mangos to fall down. It was so worth it. They were incredible!!
Roberto enjoying a fresh mango.

They are so addictive; I think we each ate at least six or seven! The mangos from this tree weren't very big, but their texture was nice because it's not the kind that gets annoyingly stuck in your teeth.
How good does that look??

Simon thoroughly enjoyed his mangos as well...

I was astounded to see that Roberto has another mango tree over by the other side of his house as well! There is also another tree that yields a different kind of mango - it's bigger but has a hint of pineapple to it as well, making it taste a bit sharper. 
Hundreds of mangos ready to fall!

Roberto doesn't just have mangos at his disposal. He also has a nice lime tree right nearby! The limes here are amazing. They produce the best lemonade - yes, the lemonade here mainly comes from limes, not lemons. We made sure to take some home to make lemonade of our own!
Small, but bursting with flavor!

Also in Roberto's yard are "igos." Well, we aren't really sure of their name. Someone's gonna have to correct me, but it's basically this little fruit that looks like a mini pinecone. It has an awfully hard texture, but inside, it's surprisingly very sweet. It wasn't the best thing I've ever tasted, but hey, you have to try different things down here!
Doesn't that look appealing?

I didn't get pictures of everything, but Roberto also has an olive tree, coconut trees, and a huge avocado tree next to the Kingdom Hall! Everybody in Ojo has been gathering avocados, as they are really good this time of year as well. Other fruits that are particularly good down here are bananas (they taste slightly sweeter than they do back home), papayas, watermelons, and pineapples. 

Simon & I each with the prized mangos we successfully snagged from the tree.

As hard as it may be at times for Roberto to live in this house out in the middle of nowhere, he certainly has great samples of Jehovah's creation right at his disposal. We may just have to spend the night out there some time to see what it's really like for him! Nicaragua definitely has incredible fruit; it's one of my favorite things down here. Come visit and try it for yourself!

Hope you all are well.

Talk soon,



  1. It seems like the word would be "higos" with the silent "h", but that's figs, and that thing didn't look much like a fig!!

  2. What a dream to have an avacado tree near you. Earl Bickford would like this. He loves guacamole. I love avacados period.